Who We Are?

We’re the doers. The makers. We’re fiercely optimistic about the future, because we’re helping create it. With teams of technology engineers working across America, Europe and Africa. NETWUX is pioneering a movement that helps organizations achieve at the outer boundaries of imagination.

Aspiring to be greater

We are passionate about technology, compelled by its promise of accelerating human potential. We aim to be the frictionless switch between today and tomorrow, working with customers to close the distance between what they imagine possible and its technical realization.

Our clear mission

We are the builders at the intersection of a technology movement. Our mission is to co-create the future with people who share our courage, our desire to explore, and embrace the possibilities of change. We challenge ourselves to propel ideas forward with higher quality at increased speed. Working together, we help clients imagine, confidently build, and sustain the modern technology products that will set them apart.

Our Specialty

As a software development agency that specializes in the creation of sophisticated, modern web applications and mobile apps. Our clients range from funded startups developing an MVP to the enterprises.

Web Development

We build full functioning websites from the scratch both on the front and back-end.


We make use of Python to lets us work more quickly and integrate systems more effectively and efficiently.

UX/UI Design

Our designs specialize in putting together striking, memorable and perfect user experience. 

Database Design

Database design facilitates the designing, development, implementation and maintenance of enterprise data management systems.


The wisest choice of modern Web development. It is used for enhancing user experience by making web pages dynamic


Hypertext Markup Language & very useful pieces of styling syntax that controls the entire layout of multiple web pages.


SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases.

Mobile Apps & Games

A mobile application, also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app, is a computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device such phones, tablets and watch.

Our Technical Tools

Our team covers the entire range of product development services including UX and graphic design, full-stack JavaScript development, UI development, quality assurance, project management, build/deployment engineering and L2 support. Our technologies of choice also include Angular, React, React Native, Node, Cordova, Postgres and MongoDB.

Wole Adebiyi, C.E.O | Netwux




Wole founds Netwux

  • Netwux is led by Wole Adebiyi, a veteran Nigerian/American software engineer who has founded several technology companies.

Our First Office

  • In the UK, we converted one of the living rooms in a housing apartment to a small remote office where we operated from 

Relocated To The United Of America

  • At this point we continue to expand our team of top-notch web developers with two new additions. We’re offering the full gamut of software services to clients including  software engineering and web developing


  • Our most popular web hosting project was created, an innovative development to the world of domain and website. We have built several websites alongside

New Website

  • Now we launch our new netwux website and first of our clients’ mobile app development- RICA